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With customized casing and flavor solutions, we support our partners in the tobacco, evaporator and similar industries in the development of existing and emerging markets. Our products promise 100% flavor, high market acceptance, creative solutions and top quality. This is what we stand for with our more than 150 years of experience in the international tobacco industry and our deep understanding of its products as well as its development and production processes.

Our history


Company founded by Heinrich Borgwaldt

On 9 January 1867, Heinrich Borgwaldt founded the company in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. The company initially specialized in wholesale trade with foods and drugs. A connection to the tobacco industry was thus established early on in the company's history. Commodities to improve the taste of tobacco followed.


Move to Hamburg

Heinz-Erik Borgwaldt, the grandson of the founder, joined the company after an apprenticeship in a drug trading company in Lübeck and after experiences abroad in East Asia. In 1937 he became the owner of the company and decided to move the company to the economically more significant city of Hamburg.

Ab 1950

New directions & specialization

After the difficult times of the Second World War, the tobacco industry in Germany was greatly inspired by English and American tobacco products. Heinr. Borgwaldt GmbH became increasingly more involved in the research and development of additives for the tobacco industry. Completely new tobacco ingredients were developed and produced. The company, which was formerly only involved in trade, transformed into a manufacturing company for tobacco ingredients. Streamlined procedures for processing tobacco components, such as shorts, stems or the like were known under the trademarks HEIBOFOL and HEIBOFLAKE and were protected with patents.

Ab 1985

New partners & continued success

After the death of Heinz-Erik Borgwaldt in 1965, his wife Ilse took over the successful management of the company. In 1985, Heinr. Borgwaldt GmbH was sold to Peter Nagel. As of 1988, Mr. Nagel managed the business of the company together with Mr. Heinrich Köhler.


New location

In 1989, the company moved to its current location, Schnackenburgallee 15.



In order to meet these needs, the company restructured. The areas Analysis, Aromas and Equipment were restructured into three separate divisions: ASL Analytic Service Laboratory GmbH, Borgwaldt Flavor GmbH and Borgwaldt Technik GmbH.


Member of the Hauni Group

Since 2013, the Borgwaldt Group has belonged 100% to the Körber AG's Business Area Tobacco under the direction of Hauni Maschinenbau AG.

Having Hauni as a strong partner at its side has opened up new growth opportunities. The complementary strengths of the respective companies have offered great potential in the search for innovative customer solutions.


First-class solutions combining tradition and innovation

In the 21st century, the Borgwaldt Group with its 110 employees continues to offer top quality solutions for all areas of the tobacco industry. With tradition, innovative products and highest quality standards, the Borgwaldt Group ensures that both its tobacco products and its next generation products are indeed that what they are: unique.

Terms of delivery foreign and domestic of Borgwaldt Flavor GmbH

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You can find all information on our domestic delivery conditions here.

Domestic delivery conditions

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You can find all information on our foreign delivery conditions here.

Foreign delivery conditions

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Certified quality across the board

Borgwaldt Flavor GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 22000 for the production of its flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industry.

DIN EN ISO 22000 is an internationally standardized management system for the food industry. Manufacturers of food and food packaging that have received this certification guarantee the safety of food during the supply chain.

Borgwaldt Flavor GmbH has been ISO 9001 certified for over two decades.

Certification is not only a means to ensure the quality and excellence of Borgwaldt Flavor products and services, but also an ongoing management process for critical self-assessment.

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As a dynamic company, Borgwaldt KC and Borgwaldt Flavor offer opportunities to take on new challenges so that you can develop yourself further both personally and professionally. We are therefore looking for employees that not only have the required technical knowledge but who also have comprehensive soft skills. Become a part of our team.

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