Unique flavor solutions


Unique flavor solutions

Whatever flavors you seek for your product, we have a broad selection available for all tobacco products as well as hemp flavorings.

Discover the tasteful flavor variety

Our flavor portfolio

We develop your tailor-made taste solutions and tap into emerging markets together with you.

Our flavors for your product

Regardless whether for the classic cigarette, liquids or next generation products, at Borgwaldt you can find solutions for each of your products.


We develop tailor-made flavor solutions for Virginia blend cigarettes, American blend cigarettes and cigarettes with small diameters such as super slims.

Filters & Filter capsules

We offer individual solutions for the full range of options for applying flavors to filters and filter capsules.

Roll Your Own & Make Your Own

We also create customized flavors for roll your own (RYO) and make your own (MYO).


The Borgwaldt Flavor pallet of well-balanced flavors for mild and traditionally flavored Kretek cigarettes is comprised, for example, of spices, cloves or exotic fruits.


We offer customized flavor solutions for the following cigar products: US-style cigars, European-style cigars, signature flavors or mouthpiece sweetness.


For manufacturers of pipe tobacco, we create flavor solutions geared to your needs for: Dutch blend pipe tobacco, English blend pipe tobacco and much more.


For the growing traditional shisha market, we create custom-made shisha flavors. These include fruit flavors, dessert flavors or molasses casings.

E-liquids & concentrates

Our range of customized flavors for concentrates and e-liquids includes tobacco flavors, fruit flavors as well as dessert flavors.

Smokeless products

For smokeless tobaccos, we create tailored flavor solutions for US-style tobacco, European-style tobacco and Swedish-style tobacco as well as signature flavors.


Our solutions include signature flavors, green terpenes, flavor enhancers, flavor stabilizers as well as additives for masking unwanted off-tastes. We focus on all types of hemp products, such as pre-roll products, hemp web, recon, filters as well as oral products (Modern Oral).

Next generation products

In dynamic markets with continually innovative trends in the area of smokeless products, tobacco heating products as well as combustible tobacco products, we have performed some truly pioneering work together with our customers in international projects.

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